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Speaker Abstracts

Description of SharePoint titles Tiffany has developed for use in promotional materials and event pages.

Presentation decks are located in Shared Documents

Meeting the training needs of an Enterprise as a single resource is a daunting task. Join Tiffany as she walks through a case study that outlines 10 specific things that you can do to market and deliver IT Training to your organization. Small budget? No problem. If your mission is user adoption, increased productivity, and fewer calls to the service desk then this session is for you. We will discuss .NET, SharePoint 2013, and Enterprise Search solutions. What you’ll learn: - How to choose training topics - How to get people to create content for you - How to teach people to search (instead of browse) for content
Duration: SharePoint Saturday
Glass ceilings, glass escalators, glass menageries, etc. Face it, we all have biases. This session is about what we can do as managers and co-workers after we face that reality. This session is a guided discussion focusing on solutions to some common diversity issues in the workplace. We’ll discuss the gender biases built into technical job specifications, create interview questions that factor out the likeability penalty, and brainstorm ways we can professionally develop our entire staff to trust each other. If you’re stumped on how to retain a quality hire in a prejudiced corporate culture, this is the session for you. Don’t miss Tiffany’s unique way of incorporating humor into this candid conversation. Not everyone is a developer, women and men are different, people of color are interrupted in meetings, and non-native English speakers are marginalized. Now what? Let’s figure out the next step together.
Duration: 90-minute seminar
If you've ever been a new team member or vendor on a SharePoint project, then you know how frustrating it is to try to hunt down 'the documentation.' Things like a statement of work and functional specifications are essential to business analysts and project managers trying to keep a project scope from creeping out of control and beyond next year's budget. This session is important for contractors and clients alike. Without the right documentation, there is nothing to prove that the client asked for it (and is now insisting it be done free of charge) or anything that says that the developer delivered everything the client paid for.
Come to this session and learn the names of the documents you need and the titles of the people responsible for writing those documents. If you’re new to the Business Analyst role, you may not even know what a functional specification is and if the company is new to SharePoint or web design, then they don’t know to tell you to write one. If you don’t know the difference between user requirements, technical specifications, and use cases, then you aren’t getting the developers and QA Testers what they need to deliver a custom solution.
This session is about making sure that documentation is a deliverable and that project teams don't get so caught up in the deadline that they never stop long enough to make sure that someone is writing it all down.
 Participants will learn:
• what documents your project team needs
• whose job it is it to write each document
• where to find free samples to start from
Duration: SharePoint Saturday
This session introduces participants to the unique role of the Records Manger in an organisation. Tiffany will explain why the Records Management audience in particular is scared to turn over their paper processes to a faceless machine running an automated destruction sequence on electronic files. You'll also get a glimpse into the world of paper and learn why many Records Coordinators simply don't see how electronic files are relevant to their work as custodians of corporate information.
With that knowledge as a backdrop, participants will then learn what SharePoint 2010 is designed to do out of the box specific to Records Management and will preview the new eDiscovery and Site Retention features of SharePoint 2013.
Tiffany will present a scenario where out of the box features are sufficient to meet the business need and we'll discuss compromises that can be made between physical records management and electronic records management to ease a company's transition into compliance. Tiffany will leave time at the end to talk through scenarios provided by audience members.
Participants will learn:
• What a Records Manager does and why they are important to the organization
• SharePoint 2010 (and 2013) Records Management features
• Change management strategies to avoid common pitfalls in Records Management implementations
Duration: SharePoint Saturday
Come to learn the unique purpose of My Site profiles, wikis, blogs, discussion boards, RSS Feeds, and Publishing sites and how to create a corporate culture of social networkers. Tiffany won’t just define each tool and explain how they differ but will focus on using social networking as a support model for your SharePoint implementation. When should you use a discussion board over an announcement or a wiki library versus a wiki site? Participants will take away information on how to document best practices, lean down knowledge base processes, customize out-of-the-box SharePoint Help, and communicate with site collection admins in the organization. Don’t miss this chance to hear from an expert in user acceptance and adoption who will tell you why you should never hide a help file in MS Word. Taking a cue from Dux Raymond Sy, Tiffany’s session ends with a lesson on community etiquette… in interpretive song. Users takeaways:
• What’s coming in 2013
• Governance considerations
• How to leverage your existing corporate culture
Duration: SharePoint Saturday
Sit in on a condensed version of the Train-the-Trainer course Tiffany delivers to her clients. We'll talk about how to define training objectives and audiences by business process, how much content to include in a training course and the importance of scripting the presenter and setting up a practice session before going live with the content. Learn how to make SharePoint seem easy and relevant to your audience and leave them excited about the technology and ready to learn more about what SharePoint can do to enhance their business processes. We'll talk about how long it takes to produce different types of training content, how long courses should be, and what questions to ask on your evaluation to get the metrics you need to report success to your boss.
By the end of the session, you will know how to analyze your audience, design a training plan, and develop scenario-based training modules that meet the needs of your users. Move away from out of the box curriculum that doesn’t focus on corporate or departmental deliverables and into process-driven learning that demonstrates how the tools in SharePoint can improve the way people work. The result is shorter class times, higher retention rates, and immediate adoption of SharePoint. This is a great intro for Project Managers to understand why it's so important for training to be developed in parallel with custom development.
Participants will learn to:
• Understand change motivators
• Plan a successful seminar (checklist handout)
• Connect with and control a crowd
• Identify people in your organization who would be great SharePoint trainers
Duration: SharePoint Saturday
An overview for IT people on the change management of people. This session does NOT cover ITIL or systems change but dives into user adoption concepts that developers, architects and project managers need to consider as they design and deploy SharePoint. We’ll compare rational, social and fear-based strategies and give you tips on preparing your team to respond to user backlash. You’ll learn how to infuse a few key public relations skills into your technical team that will make a big difference in how users perceive the tool. You’ll leave this session with the framework of a communications plan that you can take back and implement in your organization. Whether you are in the planning phase or have already deployed SharePoint, this session will give you the business perspective you need to help you focus on user adoption.
Duration: SharePoint Saturday